What will you be remembered for?

What do you WANT to be remembered for?

Sometimes it is hard to see the thread that runs through our lives, the things that remain unchanged about us even as the rest of our lives change. Thoughts of them may seem indulgent or they get buried beneath the many demands life throws at us and we find ourselves lost on a thread that feels familiar but erroneous or mundane. We chase success, we accumulate responsibilities and obligations and somewhere, somehow our passions and the things we value most get put to one side.

Finding our thread and learning how to hold on is one of life’s greatest challenges. For some the challenge drifts into a struggle weighed down by a pervasive sense of feeling lost inside their own lives. For others it becomes a calling to pursue a purpose of greater significance because they want to make their lives count.

Success is often a stepping-stone to significance. We need a certain amount of it before we will begin to ask the bigger questions about what exists beyond our bank accounts or careers. But at some point on our journey we either awaken to these questions and step outside our comfort zones to explore them or we risk stagnating, unable to transcend our personal needs and burdens. There is no standing still.

Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out. 

  Oliver Wendell Holmes

You: 3 Questions To Consider

Are you satisfied or are you restless? What's working and what have you accomplished that you feel proud of? What's missing that is driving you to seek further?
Do you know what you're looking for? Are you pointed in the right direction to find it? Does the prospect of finding it set you alight?
What's your game plan? Where will you begin? How will you keep going? How will you make your vision a reality?