I'm Dave, I help people connect to their social why

My role is to help ordinary people do extraordinary things in the social sphere which are the full expression of who they are and what they care to be remembered for. Their social why.

I do this work because it is my social why. Nothing gives me more joy than to see people fulfilled and deeply satisfied, doing what they love while serving others and making a significant difference. I left a successful corporate career and instead found financial independence by following less travelled paths as an entrepreneur always with the dream that one day I would take everything I’ve learned and mastered and use it to give back in an extraordinary way.

Helping you connect to your social why is the realization of my dream and the purpose of my business.

Dave Roberts Coach

Benefits of working with me

I help clients with everything they need to discover and connect with their social why and then build it into a scalable venture/project/company. I work with them through the full life cycle from their own psychology to the nitty gritty challenges of scaling a business model.
I’m driven by the same desire to make an extraordinary difference that my clients are seeking to create when they chose to work with me. I’m going to be a champion for their cause because I want that difference to be bought into the world too.
I’m committed to creating an experience my clients highly value and appreciate and grow from but also which they also find fun, helpful and practical so that they want to keep investing and moving towards their vision.

You can help others and help yourself

If your needs are met, you will be of more service to others. In this paper, I explore the concept of social entrepreneurship and how it bridges an important gap between business and benevolence.

Help others

My Story

From Success to Significance

Half a lifetime ago I began my professional journey as a management consultant in New Zealand specializing in helping leaders and teams achieve higher levels of performance in their organizations. I got restless quickly but it was okay because I was getting promoted quickly too. I climbed the corporate ladder fast and by my early thirties I was being offered senior jobs to choose from in different countries around the world with great salaries and the potential to climb ‘to the top’.

One day I just couldn’t climb any higher. What was wrong with me? It was the end of the road for that sort of success. I didn’t want it anymore; I needed a new road.


So I walked away and stared into the abyss where my career used to be. What now? I didn’t have a miraculous calling to follow, no special talents and nowhere near enough money to retire for very long and besides I was only 34. I was just an ordinary person looking for a place to channel my energy and find meaning for my life. One who had just left everything that was secure with a one-way plane ticket outta there. A free person with no plan. After hitting one wall, I ran into the others.

I wanted what money could provide: the freedom to choose what I do with my time and how & where I live. But I also wanted more than that; I wanted to see how it could be leveraged to help those less fortunate. When a close friend was killed in a violent attack in London, I co-created a foundation with his family to provide financial support to students from his former high school. We raised a lot of money. Successful people lined up to give us their money because it was a healthy way for them to channel their compassion and generosity into giving back. We invested the donations wisely and well over a decade later their kindness is still supporting young people to pursue dreams they couldn’t otherwise afford. What if that kindness and desire to help could be harnessed and scaled to achieve extraordinary things, I began to wonder?

I still needed to help myself though. What was I going to do? I wasn’t ready to join the peace corps yet and I was still highly motivated to pursue my own financial success. Was helping others mutually exclusive with helping myself? Would I have to make huge sacrifices on one side or the other or do a mediocre job of addressing both?

The challenge became how to make enough money so that I could survive and eventually thrive without a 9-5 job and free up my time to focus on scalable ways to give back. I invested in residential and commercial real estate and created multiple streams of passive income. I also consulted to small businesses and non-profits and coached entrepreneurs and saw the challenges they all faced: how to leverage scarce resources and still make a profit or meet a social need? The challenges in my own life, the challenges of my small business clients and the challenges of helping others had more in common than I knew. In each case, success requires the right mindset, a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve and effective organizational skills.

My Social Why is to help others envision a legacy for themselves defined by significance and then to step into this life and make it happen. I've leveraged my own success, I've scaled ventures that serve many people and I've redefined my own life to focus on significance. It would be my privilege to help you make this possible in your life.